Beyond YPT

Download Scott Petersen's Beyond YPT presentation from February 2020 rountable.


Updated Youth Protection Training Now Available (YPT2)

Remember to keep your Youth Protection Guidelines Training UP TO DATE.  This training is good for TWO YEARS!  Updating this training is very easy... you simply log-on to and minutes later the training is completed! New Adult Applications will not be accepted at the council office, without a printed copy of completed YPT.

Cilck watch video for more information about the BSA Youth Protection Training and Policies.


Download Info on updates complete new YPT2 training.

Every Scout Deserves a Trained Leader

In order to provide a positive and safe experience, it is important that leaders are properly trained. Some training including Youth Protection Training, Fast Start and This is Scouting can be completed online through the Online Learning Center. Other trainings including leader specific trainings must be completed in person. These trainings are offered all throughout the council. Currently scheduled trainings can be found on the council site.

Becoming a trained leader

  • What makes a trained leader

    This national site does a very good job of explaining why training is important and what trainings are required to be considered trained.

  • Online Trainings

    Many trainings can be completed online. Examples include general trainings such as Fast Start and Youth Protection Training, and activity specific trainings such as Climb on Safely and Safe Swim Defense.

    All Cub Scout training can be completed online.

  • Training Calendar

    Trainings which cannot be completed online can generally be completed within the council. Upcoming trainings can be found on the training calendar. These trainigs include leader specific trainings, high adventure trainings and other assorted trainings.

  • Council Training

    A lot of information about trainings can be found on the council page. Information includes recommended and required trainings along with information about what is covered in different trainings.